General Information


  • Calibers to utilize on an African safari are often debated, for the purpose of simplicity NSC recommends the following calibers are used for small to large plains game: any .300 caliber using a 180-grain projectile. Buffalo, lion and leopard found in Niassa, including hippo, the minimum caliber to be utilized is a .375 H&H Magnum, using a 300-grain projectile. However, for buffalo we do recommend a caliber of .400 as a sensible option All documentation for the application of a temporary import permit into Mozambique can be downloaded in the “Client Information” section of this website. 
  • Bow Hunting is legal in Mozambique but not for Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Crocodile or Hippo. A temporary import permit is also required for all bow hunters.
  • All hunters must be in possession of a Government issued hunting license.
  • All hunters must be older than 18 years of age.

NSC highly recommends that trip cancellation insurance is taken out by all whom undertake safaris, not just those in Africa. Life is unpredictable and safaris are ever increasingly more expensive. You would not debate ensuring a motor vehicle of high value, a safari is no different. Clients should ensure that they are covered for their safari by a trip travel protection plan.

  • All payments to be made in USD
  • A 50% deposit on the total daily rate will confirm a booking, safaris cannot be booked without such a deposit.
  • No personal cheques will be accepted
  • Balance of daily rate is payable 60 days prior to commencement date
  • Full payment of all base line game fees are payable 2 weeks prior to the safari commencing. Eg: 14-day Buffalo, Sable and Leopard safari, all three species game fees must be paid in advance OR full payment made in camp prior to departure. WIFI is available in all camps. Should a pre-payment be made, ALL non utilized funds will be refunded upon completion of the safari 
  • Safaris are not a frivolous undertaking. Seasons are relatively short, it is critical that off-take quotas are annually met, good professional hunters have dates booked well in advance. Hence the commitment to booking a safari creates a chain of responsibility to the outfitter, costs involved are made to ensure that your safari is an experience of a lifetime. All deposits are regarded as a commitment to the booking of safari dates and quota, hence are non-refundable.

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