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Paul Stones

Niassa Safari Company Mozambique - Paul Stones

Paul Stones has been a professional hunter for over 30 years. His passion is for Africa, its wildlife and habitat is the driving force behind successful safari offerings. All conservation hunting is done with the wellbeing of species and their habitat being at the forefront of any conducted safari.

Paul has experienced extensive hunting in Africa, accompanying and guiding clients on over 95 species of game. 

Paul is also one of the founding members of Custodians of Professional Hunting and Conservation – South Africa.

Dave Langerman

David 2

Dave Langerman was brought up on a farm in the famed Zambezi Valley of Northern Zimbabwe. He was raised with a rifle in one hand, a fishing rod in the other, and a respect and love for the outdoors and its wildlife. Dave has hunted from his native Zimbabwe, to South Africa and Mozambique but rates the vast and remote hunting wilderness in the Niassa Special Reserve as some of the finest and most authentic adventure the discerning safari hunter could hope for. 

He has hunted here for 17 years, guiding people from all walks of life, from aristocracy, to the average man, on hunting, photographic and canoe safaris. Dave has a fascination for African wildlife, and he holds a BSc degree in Environmental Science from Rhodes University in South Africa. He prides himself on being a naturalist, as well as a hunter and guide. Dave is a fully licensed professional hunter and guide, and is a member of the Zimbabwe Professional Guides Association (ZPGA) and the African Professional Hunters Association (APHA).

James Lizamore

From a very young age James has been obsessed with the outdoors, hunting and fly fishing. James has been actively guiding professionally for the past 7 years with hunting experience in 4 different African countries and over 35 species. After 5 years in the Legal and Financial industry, James decided to follow his life long dream and become a professional hunter.

James is a licensed professional hunter and guide, and is also a member of Custodians of Professional Hunting and Conservation South Africa (CPHC-SA). James has been hunting in the Niassa for 5 years and has gain valuable experience hunting in various of the Niassa hunting blocks.  Be assured you will be in very capable hands

Our Trackers

Bilale Charles Maina | Tino Salvador | Sabite Mohamed |

Buanar Paulo

These gentlemen are the core of what we do once in the bush. Their skills as trackers are so vital in safari work, that without them we simply would not achieve that which is so important to client service. Their ability to follow the game we seek, often in terrain where visibility is extremely hard and at times to us, invisible! Their loyalty to our cause is something to behold, they have been in Niassa for almost 20 years and have a knowledge that is often worth sitting down and listing to them talk of days gone by. They add so much to your experience and are an integral aspect of safari life.

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