A Forest Fantasy in 2021

2021 is moving along at a rapid rate, as all years do! Today one has to say,” the more things change, the more they stay the same”. Here in Africa we carry on pretty much as we always have, we are having an upswing of cases right now, 33000 or so in total, yet this is to be expected and will no doubt crest and trough as the months go by! We are aware of the virus, yet we live life to the full and we are not governed by liberalism, woke minded, socialist fools! We are open to the world, we have our protocols in place and accept that where we are now is where we are going to be for a good while yet to come. We have adopted the mantra of an age old African proverb “the tortoise cannot stay in his shell, for therein, lie the confines to his survival” (actually just made that one up but pretty accurate)

An update in 2021

It has been awhile and much has happened in this “while”. Whilst we are not back to full swing and until the likes of Boris Johnson and co decide to stop negating the very reason for vaccinations by banning travel to Africa, we will patiently wait. What was the point of a vaccine if it still causes you to be locked up? Yet, soccer and its minions seem to have very different laws applied to them, Wembley stadium packed ( in one section of the stadium) with all the fans, the thuggery and violence that seems to follow that game with gay abandon, was once again centre stage. Beggars belief that one may not travel in a controlled environment, to a wild open space and limited contact, fresh air and all that a safari comprises of and yet we can attend matches to the “greatest game”. As I have said before, politicians and the press!!

Past safaris of 2021

Greetings to you all. 
It has been a while since you last heard much of anything from me but that is a good thing. They alway say “no news is good news” In this case we have “news” and it was oh, such good news! After the mid year activity which was so appreciated, we then had a little quiet patch. We held our breath in the hope that planned safaris towards the latter half of the year, would actually materialise. Each day passed and honestly, that is the only way one could describe the wait, a daily torment! Finally the days passed and the safaris become a reality. First an amazing trip to the Mababe Depression in Botswana, if you ever want to see herds in excess of 4000 buffalo this is the place to do that! Huge thanks to Christo Spykerman for being such help and Johan Calitz for his usual brilliance, fireside chats and outfitting capabilities! I would also like to congratulate him on the incredible foresight shown on how to work with communities, brilliant!!

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