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Trip Cancellations:

  • Safaris are not a frivolous undertaking. Seasons are relatively short, it is critical that off-take quotas are annually met, good professional hunters have dates booked well in advance. Hence the commitment to booking a safari creates a chain of responsibility to the outfitter, costs involved are made to ensure that your safari is an experience of a lifetime. All deposits are regarded as a commitment to the booking of safari dates and quota, hence are non-refundable. 
  • Should safaris be postponed to a future period within the year of planned commencement, no additional charges will be due. Should the safari be postponed to the following year: All professional hunters fees, Government hunting licence fee, Veterinary fee, Firearms import permit fee and any other costs that have been incurred, will be due prior to the safari being conducted.

NSC highly recommends that trip cancellation insurance is taken out by all whom undertake safaris, not just those in Africa. Life is unpredictable and safaris are ever increasingly more expensive.  Safaris are an investment of memories and experiences, they are high value commodities, trip cancelation is paramount and highly advised.

NSC INCLUDE the base cover as per the link above to SATIB, in the day rates.

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